Specialist Capability

Twenty-Seven Consulting offer specialist capability through our highly skilled network of interim consultants. This network has been developed over many years using the experience and trust that we have built through working together.

We are highly experienced in navigating through the complexities of government procurement processes and work hard to ensure that the process of on-boarding our consultants causes as little disruption as possible for our departmental clients and is as speedy as possible for our interim consultants.

Caroline really stands out amongst the recruitment agents on CL1 [PSR]. Others I have dealt with have very much felt like a big, impersonal recruitment machine. Caroline offers a brilliantly personal service. Her knowledge of the System is second to none, and she navigates the complexities of some of the bureaucracy on my behalf with aplomb. She always deals with any issues personally, is easy to reach by email or phone, and responds promptly. I have no intention of ever using any other agent if I can possibly avoid it. Caroline has also on-boarded several members of my team. The speed with which she is able to get new starters through the CL1 process is impressive. I am always relieved when a new contractor says that Caroline is their agent. I know she’ll get them through the door a week sooner than most other agents would. And that can make all the difference when deadlines are tight and work can’t progress without a new team member’s skills. I would recommend Caroline without hesitation.
NHS Digital, Service Designer
Working with Caroline is a dream. As a contractor, I want my agent to be working as hard as I do. Caroline models that approach. I found there is no obstacle that Caroline will not overcome to secure the work and she works tirelessly to ensure that all of the details are attended to. I like that.
Home Office, Head of Cyber Security
I have known and worked with Caroline since April 2017. Originally, she streamlined my on-boarding to the Home Office and since then has guided me through a lot of legal and regulatory ‘hoops’. In addition, she has acted as a source and conduit to very well qualified people who have subsequently come into the organisation or other parts of UK government. In all respects, Caroline has been exceptionally professional, reflecting both her long experience and deep understanding of many technical roles, particularly as related to UK government. Caroline is friendly and a delight to know and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.
Home Office, Chief Architect