My introduction to recruitment within the civil service started when I set up the recruitment and skills hub for the Government Digital Service in 2013. In the following two years, my team and I supported the recruitment of over 200 Digital and Technology leaders both permanent and interim into 17 government departments.

It was not until I started working directly for departments however that I saw the true extent of the issues they faced in building capability and the help that is really needed. I saw that the processes required to bring a person into government or even across government from another department was split across numerous people and teams; no one was accountable for the end to end activity and outcome or had the time to manage this effectively, and no one was prepared or able to challenge the following of processes that negatively impact on hiring people.

In a study mapping the process of a typical civil service recruitment campaign I found 27 single points of failure, hence our name. Our aim in delivering services is to support our clients in overcoming these.

Since 2016, the team at Twenty Seven consulting has worked directly with government departments to bring a dynamic approach to building capability. Our campaign management services deliver the three essential elements required to engage new staff. Firstly we manage all the processes required to set up a recruitment campaign including gaining approvals and writing job descriptions; secondly, we engage the market of internal and external candidates using a combination of our own networks and social media;  and thirdly we assist departments with the interviewing & assessment processes right through to the offer and onboarding stage.

If the issues with recruitment outlined in this section sound familiar and you would like to talk about the solutions that we offer then we would love to hear from you.